A mother daughter guide to fertility awareness!

Mothers are in a special position to engage their daughters about the gift of their fertility.  Our Mother / Daughter Area lets you choose the resources you feel would be the best to communicate with your daughter about this important subject.

Mother Daughter Journeys

Choose the path that works best for you! 

Path 1: Kathy & Grace
(Age 9-12)

Kathy is preparing to help Grace as she enters into her preteen years and her body begins to change. Kathy and Grace watch the videos together about the basics of the fertility cycle, while Kathy can get ahead with the bonus content and ask questions in the community area.

"I feel empowered to talk to my daughter about her body and the beauty of being female." ~ Kathy

  • Introduction video
  • Beauty of the female body video
  • Mom Bonus Content: Get ahead videos
  • Community area
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Path 2: Margret & Abby
(Age 13-15)

Abby will be a teenager in a few weeks and has experienced some inconsistencies in her cycle.  Margret and Abby benefitted from watching the video series together.  They also set up the FEMM app together to help Abby with her first doctor's visit.

"I enjoyed learning with my mom about what to expect with my cycle and feel prepared to talk to my doctor soon about any questions I have." ~ Abby

  • Beauty of the female body video
  • Hormone effects video
  • Common questions video
  • How to talk to your doctor video
  • FEMM app / instructions
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Path 3: Susan & Emma
(Age 15-18)

Since Emma is now in high school, she watched many of the videos on her phone.  Susan and Emma were then able to look at the FEMM app together.  Tracking her cycle helped Emma get a better handle on her irregular cycles for her next doctor's appointment.

"I finally feel like I am in control of my cycle--and I have my mom's support in working with my doctor." ~ Emma

  • What's normal video
  • Common questions video
  • How to talk to your doctor video
  • Shorter, Lighter, Pain-free Periods book
  • FEMM app / instructions
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