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Melissa and Jesse, her husband, have successfully used the NFP Sympto-Thermal Method for over 18 years. They first tried to teach themselves but soon realized the benefits of instruction from a certified teacher. Melissa’s “a-ha” moment was learning the natural, healthy purposes of cervical mucus as a 24 year old woman. (“That’s what that is!”) Melissa and Jesse have collaborated to promote the benefits of fertility awareness to others since Jesse was a medical student studying the inner workings of the Pill; they’ve been certified teachers of CCL’s STM since 2012. He’s now a psychiatrist who integrates appreciation for fertility awareness into his medical practice.

Melissa’s experiences and interests include nutrition-based self-care for PMS, short luteal phases, stress, and pregnancy morning sickness, as well as breastfeeding supply challenges. Melissa has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Juris Doctorate.  She lives in north Texas and has a flexible schedule.


Bernadette Jones and her husband Robert learned STM from CCL when they were engaged in 2006 and it has become a foundation of their marriage. They have been teaching STM since 2016. Bernadette has experience with STM postpartum, luteal phase deficiency, exclusive and continued breastfeeding, and CycleProGo.  Bernadette uses FAB methods to strengthen her marriage and faith as well as to improve health and environment. She is looking forward to helping others to achieve confidence in charting.

Bernadette’s educational and professional background is in Chemical Engineering and Business IT Consulting. She currently stays home with her kids and volunteers at programs they participate in. Bernadette also supports moms by helping lead Mary’s Moms, a local Catholic mom’s group.


Rose received her nursing degree from Saginaw Valley State University in 2011. She has been a certified CCL STM teacher since 2015 and also received her certification in Marquette University NFP Method and in Standard Day Method of NFP in 2020.  Rose will offer a new option to postpartum and perimenopausal clients who may benefit from Marquette's hormonal approach.


Stacey and her husband, Adrian, have effectively practiced the Sympto-Thermal Method from CCL for the past 24 years after learning while engaged to be married. They started serving as certified teachers in 2003 after their second child was born because they realized that not only had the method worked to postpone and achieve pregnancy, but it had greatly influenced their marriage.  Stacey has mentored hundreds of couples over the years who have learned CCL's STM NFP method.

Stacey has helped her teenage daughters deal with the onset of menses and discovered PMS in the next generation. She is also dealing with her own hypothyroidism. Stacey has a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and a Masters of Library and Information Services. She lives in the Denver, Colorado area and has a flexible schedule.


Elizabeth and her husband Seth have been using the STM method since they were married in 2012. They used it to successfully avoid pregnancy during and after Elizabeth was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013. Since then, they have navigated using NFP through three pregnancies and postpartum periods with hypothyroidism and a variety of baby feeding issues. NFP has brought them closer in their marriage and helped them discover a deeper intimacy in their relationship.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and a minor in Theology. She has a passion for using her background to help people better understand their bodies and the beauty of their fertility. She especially loves walking along with women navigating the confusing postpartum times of NFP and fully understands the challenges that comes with having ongoing health issues, baby feeding difficulties and periods of long abstinence.


Jim and his wife, Jen, learned the Sympto-Thermal Method from CCL while they were engaged and have practiced since they were married in 2001. Jim is a systems engineer and wannabe coder by day and quickly realized the amazing design of a woman's reproductive system. He was ready to teach by the end of the first class. Jim and Jen practiced diligent charting as well as diet and exercise to overcome infertility and conceive their first child. Jim's interests are in natural childbirth as well as the use of apps such as CycleProGo to aid in characterizing a woman's cycle.


Founded in 1971, Couple to Couple League is the largest provider of natural family planning in the United States, focusing on the symptom-thermal method. CCL recently launched Fertility Science Institute to serve people in all stages of fertility. FSI Coaches adhere to the principles and beliefs of Fertility Science Institute.


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